Modified Template for Portainer

Hi I have been using your docker images for a long time now and was irritated that Portainer dropt support for your template ->

I’ve made an new template based on your old one that works with the latest Portainer (as of now 1.20.1) version and also supports container based deployment.

You can have a look at my code and use it as you like ->

A lot has changed but have a look at it.

Kind regards.


Works flawlessly on Portainer 1.20.2


I’m very new to all things Docker/Portainer, and sorry for reviving an old one but… Does this still works with current versions of Portainer ?

Thanks in advance

you can check it >HERE<

Should still work but I believe portioner is changing things by making some features a paid feature.

There is a nice alternative these days called Yacht

have fun checking it out

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Hi !

Thank you for your quick reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Meanwhile I kept on my searches and discoveries and stumbled on @Technorabilia’s lists (GitHub - technorabilia/portainer-templates: Various Portainer App Templates) that hold a seemingly up to date v1 list, and indeed turned myself toward Yacht. The latter, if still missing some polishing, just simply and nicely does the job for small self hosting needs like mine.

The two in hand, I could easily copy and adapt the phpmyadmin template and add it to the Yacht list (GitHub - silopolis/selfhosted_templates: Portainer templates for selfhosted services)… What a wonderful world !:slight_smile:

Asked @Technorabilia if (s)he’d share the list generator as I would love giving a try at adapting it for Yacht…

Thanks a lot again for everything

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