Modified Templates for Yacht

Hello friends,

A quick message to tell you that, standing on the shoulders of @qballjos and @technorabilia I have started adapting the latter work to generate templates for Yacht manager.

This is dirty code from someone just discovering the containers world so please be forgiving but don’t refrain constructive criticism.

Everything is here:

Thank you all for the great work put in LSIO, take care

Thanks for the note, please ensure you let your users know that these are unofficial templates and we definitively do not support deploying containers with portainer. We are ok with yacht and selfhostedpro is a member of our discord.

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Thanks for raising that!
That wasn’t that clear to me and is another good reason to remove these from the repo, as planned, as I have no plan to use portainer nor support it myself. Plus it would be duplicate with the mentioned upstream repos.

Will clear that very soon and post an update here :+1: