Need help configuring Jellyfin to run off of letsencrypt reverese proxy

Hi guys,

I’ve already been chatting to Driz on the linuxserver discord about this issue, but we were unable to fully work things out. I’ve attached screenshots of our conversation together so people can see what we worked through.

I am trying to get Jellyfin to run off of my letsencrypt reverse proxy since I found there were config files already in the nginx folder for Jellyfin. I use Unraid.

My letsencrypt container itself works, as I already have it running a reverse proxy for my nextcloud container using my own domain/subdomain that has a cname to duckdns for my IP.

With Driz, I think the nginx config file itself is set up correctly. I will attach a copy of the config file to look. In the notes of the config file, it mentions setting your domain in Jellyfin itself. As far as I can see, there is no where to actual set a custom domain in the Jellyfin container. I will attach a screenshot of this as well.

I should note that, despite what it says in the screenshot with Driz, I cannot actually access my jellyfin UI using my public IP and the port for Jellyfin.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, so I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this. If I go to subdomain, it does not connect to the jellyfin UI. I feel like I am simply missing some way to tell jellyfin to use my domain, but I’m not sure.

Discussion with Driz

Config file

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot of Jellyfin networking UI since I was only limited to two links on my post