Need help with changing the SSL cert underHEllo, NGINX

I would like to configute my nextcloud:docker container to use a set of positive SSL certificates.
I can edit the:
within the docker container:
to use the new SSL certificates under
and of course I have:
and domain.key

Since this isn´t working, what do I need change here?

All the help appreciated!

Thx. Michael

It should work if you put the correct arguments in there.

Or, you can reverse proxy nextcloud, which is our recommended method. You can look into our letsencrypt image and there are detailed instructions here:

Hello aptalca,
yes, i like the idea of the reverse proxy nextcloud aswell, but wanted to start with the other way first.

Regarding the correct arguments there are only some line to switch and correct me if I am wrong, I will cut away:
ssl_certificate /config/keys/cert.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /config/keys/cert.key;

and set instead:
ssl_certificate /config/keys/;
ssl_certificate /config/keys/mydomain_de.crt;
ssl_certificate /config/keys/mydomain_de.key;

This then can only be my crts are rubbish!

Pay attention to ssl_certificate vs ssl_certificate_key

As I wrote above, you’re not using the correct arguments