Need Moodle LMS (Nginx) container

Since the covid pandemic, most education systems have moved online now. So the demand for LMS is increasing. I’m thinking about bringing Moodle LMS into Docker. There is already one image by Bitnami link. But it is apache based. And a little heavy and a bit buggy in my experience. I would appreciate it if the Linuxserver team can bring an Nginx - PHP - Moodle LMS docker image.

Reference: How to install Moodle LMS on Ubuntu 20.04, 18.04 with Nginx, LetsEncrypt, MariaDB — Steemit

As you may know, we only make containers for things we use. None of us work in the education sector so it’s unlikely we would make something like this. supporting it without using it would be a challenge. That said, our base images are available for anyone to create something from.

@driz Is there any documentation or tutorials available about making containers? If so, I may try to make this and support it myself.

I’m sure there are on google, I would look through the various resources until you find what helps you understand/learn the process the best! If you need help, you can come to our discord in #other-support and someone may be able to assist you.

thanks for the awesome information.