Netbootxyz global read permissions error

Hi everyone.
I have in a docker container running on Qnap.
My DHCP is on a pihole, in an LXC container on Qnap, too.
dnsmasq has been set up according linuxserver/netbootxyz:


YOURSERVERIP is the IP of Qnap, where the container resides.
When I try to network boot a machine, the DHCP assigns an IP as supposed to, but then I get the following:

PXE-T02: File must have global read permissions
PXE-E3C: TFTP Error - Access Violation PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.

Any suggestions on resolving this issue?

can you verify if your .efi and .kpxe have global read permissions?

you might try down, rm, pull, up -d again as I’ve never seen this issue… are you trying to serve files across remote mounts or ntfs or something?

By global read permissions do you mean that the .efi and .kpxe files need to have at least read only permissions for everyone?
I have mount /config and /assets in a root folder in Qnap. This netbootxyz folder has read only permissions for everyone, even guest users.
The folder is not a remote mount, it is a normal shared folder on the server. Filesystem is EXT.
I also recreated the container but no luck either.

edit: folders now have full permissions for everyone (R/W) but same error.

very weird, it may be a good idea to visit their discord

Thank you for the suggestion. Will do and report back in case of resolution.

Solved it with the help of the discord community.

The messages I was getting were coming from this part of the code:

I was suggested that I should change the permission of the /config directory and the files, from in inside the container, to 777 and 666 respectively. This suggestion came from the comment at the top of that validate_access functions.

Indeed the global read permission vanished but then I started getting:

PXE-T00: Permission denied
PXE-E36: Error received from TFTP server
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.

It seemes that chmod 775 -R /config did the job and finally it worked.

Ref: TFTP Permission denied - TFTP - openmediavault

I also noticed that any changes in files like e.g boot.cfg rendered permission errors during network booting.
I had to chmod 775 -R path-to/config on the host too in order to solve this.
I do not know if this is a Qnap specific issue or something in my configuration in general.

Special thanks to banadushi and antonym. Thanks guys.

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