New Alpine qBittorrent Issue

Just a heads up, Alpine’s qBittorrent image that lsio now points to has a connection issue. Any new torrents added or existing torrents that are rechecked will pop an error and won’t leech or seed properly.

“File error alert” | “error: No such device” · Issue #107 · guillaumedsde/alpine-qbittorrent-openvpn (

Can you clarify? the link you put is not related to us and we pull qbittorrent from the source and compile it…

we’ve also internally tested without any issues at all.

ahh disregard, you’re the gentleman who got banned for posting piracy related material after being warned about the rules. What you have stated and linked is false and honestly amusingly unrelated to anything we do.

locking this, we have multiple users confirming no issues with our container, this will be the end of the discussion.