New Plex on unRAID lists server as "Relayed Connection"

I have an existing Plex server on QNAP running without issue
Built unRAID server and loaded this docker for Plex.
Copied (not moved) my media over from QNAP to Plex
Setup libraries without issue
Now when I connect my home Rokus to the new Plex server it says it is a Relayed connection.
Went section by section and have copied QNAP settings over and still no luck. Network is a Ubiquiti one with several VLANs. Roku on VLAN 7 and servers (QNAP and unRAID) on VLAN 1. When Roku on VLAN 1 it says Nearby wo no issues. On vlan 7 It says relayed connection for unRAID server and nearby for QNAP.

you probably need some firewall rules to allow vlan7 to speak directly to vlan1, otherwise, you’ll go to and relay to your server (which is what you’re doing) that isn’t necessarily in our scope of support though. I would imagine if you search the web for ubiquiti iot vlan you’ll find what you need to get the ball rolling. (also make sure, within plex, you add your vlans that will access plex as LAN subnets.)

I believe I have a rule in place already as my QNAP Plex server is on the same vlan as the new unRAID Plex server and the QNAP one works just fine. Not sure if there is something in the docker or unRAID server that is the issue. ???

Just spoke with my daughter who did in fact make a change to the firewall rules. I added the IP of the new Plex server and all is well. thanks for the firewall catch.

kids, am i right? :smiley: glad you got it sorted

Thanks for the help

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