New router setup destroyed swag


I recently updated my network layout and came across some troubles. See the current setup below

MODEM → Router → UnRaid setup
→ PC …

Lan ip:
Wan ip:
DMZ ip:

Router: Asus RT-AX89X
Lan ip: (Different subnet)
Wan ip: (Set static)

Unraid IP:

Before i changed the router everything worked fine and i could access some docker containers on my unraid server.
Since the installment of the router, i’ve setup the portforward but i cannot acces my docker containers or nginx server.
The VPN setup on unraid still works on the correct port so i know the port forwarding is correct.
I have a domain with subdomains to access some docker containers (such as nextcloud, code-server, …) but these don’t work anymore even tho nothing has changed with the swag setup.

Does anyone have any idea what wrong or how i could debug this cause i’m out of ideas…

Thanks in advance!

If your router’s wan ip is really that local address, then you are double nat’ed, so the port forwarding for external ports would have to be done on both the router and the modem

You likely don’t need to be double nat’ed and often there are ways to put the modem in bridge mode so the router can get the external wan ip directly

Curently i have both forwarded, but as i set the modem as a DMZ and my router connects to that DMZ it should not be forwarded in the modem (its a modem from my ISP so its limited on the options, as i cannot set it in bridge), however the portforward for my VPN work but not the portforward for a revese proxy.