New SWAG Dashboard questions from a newbie

I just installed the new SWAG dashboard, and have a couple of general questions:

  • What do “ET”, “OST” and “EAD” mean? (Is there a Legend somewhere that tells what these mean?)
  • The top thing on one of my graph lists says this:


Which container is that robots.txt referring to? (Ican’t really tell which container any of the URLs in the lists are referring to because it shows them all as relative.)

  • Is there a way to place a robots.txt in one place (ie the root swag homepage?) to tell all crawlers to not index any of the subdomains/subdirs that SWAG/Nginx is serving?

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t used this yet (on my to do list) but based on what you’ve posted and the screenshot I think the answer lies in making your screen wider - (G)ET, (P)OST and (H)EAD are HTTP instructions, eg GET /robots.txt

To your second point - you can’t have one robots.txt as the spider has no idea what other sites are served from your SWAG instance. You could have one file and put an alias to it in each subdomain’s directory but thar’s not exactly what you’re asking.


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