New to LSIO and Containers - a quick question about container sources

Hi All,

I have successfully setup and configured a Sickrage container on my NAS but I was wondering which Image I should use when there’s an “official” version and an LSIO version… eg sickrage/sickrage vs linuxserver/sickrage (or sickchill/sickchill vs linuxserver/sickchill).

Are the LSIO images copies of the “official” ones? Are they likely to be a bit behind on the release versions?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Lsio images are not copies. We create and maintain images in a pretty standardized fashion (especially with regards to /config folder mapping and PUID/PGID settings for permissions).

In terms of being up to date, it depends how up to date the official images are, but lsio images use an automated system, jenkins pipelines, to deliver the most up to date images as we release new builds not only when there is an app update, but also when there are OS package updates (the latter of which is pretty rare for docker image publishers).

Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I’m planning to download a Plex image next… For a relatively non-technical person like me who’s mainly just playing with containers for the hell of it, would there be any particular advantage in choosing linuxserver/plex over plexinc/pms-docker ?

Their image was originally based on ours (we collaborated) so they are pretty similar. Ours gets OS package updates and hw transcoding is easier.