New to SWAG, have a few questions re: hosting Wordpress

Hello, here’s what I’m trying to do:

Acomplished: SWAG docker compose runing, using Cloudfare, own domain (e.g., SSL certs working.

Challenge: I’d like to have using Wordpress: I can install Wordpress at the www root (as per the tutorial) but having difficulties following the portion where it explains the Wordpress sub-domain, I’m not true sure which folder I should unpack the Wordpress files.

Challenge: I’d like to enable SFTP for a specific user e.g. (mysftp) with only access to the www folder.

I’d appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction.

server_name directive is how you control the address something is served at

Sorry can you pls expand on it

expand it whereever you want, as long as it’s accessible within the container, you just modify the root_folder line with the path

server_name is how you specify the name you will use, blog, in your case.

I would suggest copying the site-confs/default to something like blog, remove the subfolder and subdomain includes, adjust the root folder and server_name, and make any other changes wordpress requires in their documentation there.

IIRC we do not have any ssh/sftp capability baked into swag by default, you can look into the universal app install docker mod from the readme’s universal mod list.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for more detailed information than that, you are unlikely to get it here. Our forums are NOT very active and this type of stuff is not within our scope of support as nginx is already extremely well documented as is wordpress. That said, if you have specific questions about things we state in the swag guide, feel free to ask them, but they need to be specific questions about things we put in the guide, not general.

Just remember, everything is from the perspective of being INSIDE the container (so your root folder is probably /config/)

Thanks, your reply was helpful.