Newbie would like some help with qBittorrent container

Hello guys,

Total newbie here, I’m running the qBittorent container on my Synology NAS. I choose the ‘latest’ version when installing. I got it up and running sort of, but when I add a torrent nothing happens. It doesn’t search/find seeds and peers while the same torrent on my Windows machine for instance downloads just fine.

So I assume I must have setup something wrong, maybe with the ports or something? Does anybody have a clue of what might be going wrong here?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’m starting to think that I post this in the wrong sub forum, maybe I should have posted this in Container Support!?

Please let me know and if so, maybe an admin can move it to the correct sub?

Thanks in advance!

We really struggle to support Synology I’m afraid as none of the team members own one.

We have approached Synology again to see if they’d consider giving us some hardware so we can support it better.

Ah that’s too bad, thanks for the answer though. Most Synology users say to stay away from the native Synology apps and use Docker instead.

I have got it running though and it seems to me the issue is not compatibility or anything. Rather something with my connection/port settings perhaps? You don’t have any clue what might be the problem here?

Thanks in advance