Nextcloud Collabora CODE

I am running into an issue with the linuxserver nextcloud container and collabora CODE server. In my searching I came across the follow support thread that said the specific way that Linuxserver built their image that it wouldn’t work. After looking through the nginx config included from LS, it looks like support was added because there is almost the exact one liner that NC/Collabora recommend in the settings window.

I wanted to see if there has been any progress in using the builtin CODE app?

The built-in CODE server does not work as it just pulls in a binary that works only on an x86_64 system with glibc. So no arm or alpine/musl (our images are alpine based).

What works is, setting up the separate CODE server container, and using the Collabora connector plugin on nextcloud to point to it.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll look into a docker image that is preset up with CODE.

I’m on an x85_64 platform and looking at this path of trying to get the glibc library installed into the alpine container. It looks like the nginx config is already setup but not sure how to for the built-in CODE server to use the glibc once it’s install.

As @aptalca pointed out, don’t use the builtin server. It’s not for production anyways.
I use collabora/code:latest with the linuxserver/nextcloud:latest and it works just fine.

Thank you for the advice.

Did you follow a guide for setting up the collabora docker? I am using the linuxserver/nextcloud which uses php-fpm and nginx.