Nextcloud container update


First off thanks for providing all these great containers.

I ran into a problem when upgrading my old Nextcloud instance.
I was running “latest”, which back then was 18.0.4

Today, I started to update. I read online that you do this within Nextcloud
See “Perform the in app gui update” on dockerhub.
However, I forgot to update the image file first.

Essentially, I have now upgraded all the way to version 20 (via multiple steps) within the app gui, however, when I launch the latest image, I get 502 error.

I still have the old image which is based off of v 18.0.4. If I start this container, then it works as expected (running version 20).

My question:
How can I get the latest Nextcloud docker up and running after what I’ve previously done?

(I’m mainly asking because the old image is missing the package bcmath. when looking at help online, you are essentially told to upgrade to the latest docker container)

Thanks for your help!