Nextcloud Docker version

Hello everyone,
I’ve a question regarding the Nextcloud container.
Do I have to upgrade it INSIDE the container? (also from the WEBUI?)
Cause I updated the docker itself - but it’s still version 17.1

Thanks in advice and sorry for the noob question.

I updated NextCloud inside the docker from the WEBGUI and it has worked.
So I will have to update NextCloud “manually” from the WEBGUI for every release?
The only thing I don’t fully understand is if and how to upgrade to v18?

Make sure you have the latest image, then update from the web gui.

Nextcloud hasn’t fully released v18 for updates yet

thanks for the answer.
I successfully updated thx :slight_smile:

Do you know how to configure mail notifications for available updates (also plugin updates) from nextcloud?
Cause now that I know that I’ll have to update it manually I will sure do it :slight_smile: