Nextcloud is not reachable after update, missing ssl certificate


I did run following steps as usual:

  1. docker compose pull
  2. mv /PATH_TO_NX_VOLUME/config/nginx/site-confs/default.conf default.conf
  3. docker compose up -d

but after that I was not able to access nextcloud.

I did run sudo docker logs -f nextcloud
and there are a lot of message:

nginx: [emerg] no "ssl_certificate" is defined for the "listen ... ssl" directive in /config/nginx/site-confs/default.conf:9

well, sometimes during update I did forgot to move that default config.
I did compare new one with just moved and find out that new one is missing ssl configuration
So I did add following lines into /config/nginx/site-confs/default.conf

ssl_certificate /config/keys/cert.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /config/keys/cert.key;

and after that I can reach my nextcloud as before.

note: I have another nginx as reverse proxy.
so I did also copy those two files into that reverse proxy nginx

I am not sure now, I don’t remember and did not find anything in doc about that change of default.conf.


maybe I have old /config/nginx/nginx.conf

I am looking at this file
and it is including /config/nginx/ssl.conf

but mine not.

Did you read your container logs fully?
I’m a bit confused since your step 2 doesn’t do anything alone, you would need to restart, this also assumed a pull somewhere

I did read but it show me a lot of those errors and I did not look at beginning.
it is saying:

**** The following active confs have different version dates than the samples that are shipped. ****
**** This may be due to user customization or an update to the samples. ****
**** You should compare the following files to the samples in the same folder and update them. ****
**** Use the link at the top of the file to view the changelog. ****

so it is clear now

I need to bring modification from .sample to origin and restart container.
But I am not doing any customization so I can just replace it.
Is that correct?

You got it!

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