Nextcloud local install

Hello everyone, I installed nextcloud server, and mariadb everything works perfectly but I have a warning in the certificate generated by, I wanted to make it reliable I followed several guides but I can’t, I wanted to do it both with the browser and from my fedora client distro , I am concerned that my instance is unreachable from the outside but only from the inside with HTTPS, pardon my bad english, thank you in advance for your support.

the included cert is self-signed and is expected to give a warning. Put the system behind a reverse proxy to get rid of the warning. As to accessing from outside, simply test it and ensure you’re NATting properly from your edge.

I’m not interested in logging in from the outside! I try with nginx proxy manager, can you recommend me some tutorials?

No, we don’t support Nginx proxy manager here. We support our reverse proxy solution, SWAG.

I can try with SWAG, However, from what I understand with SWAG I am forced to access from outside not locally, did I understand correctly? Forgive me, please be patient, I have bad English

you are not forced to do anything. SWAG using nginx just like NPM does. SWAG does require external access to get certificates though.

SWAG setup -