Nextcloud LSIO image does not work with Nextcloud Helm Chart cronjob

When installing this chart with:

  enabled: true

It does not work, as the LSIO image does not have the / file required by this chart.
Could it be added? Thank you.

I’ve never heard of artifacthub before and that helm chart has nothing to do with us.

artifacthub is an aggregator for kubernetes Helm charts.
This is the official nextcloud helm chart. Would be nice if it could be usable with the LSIO image as well.

We support docker, while our images might work in k8s, we do not support or test it.

If I had to guess, the app you’re trying to use needs glibc and our nextcloud is muslc

I see.
Not really, the official nextcloud docker image contains a file / which the LSIO does not.
But it seems like the two images are not compatible since trying to switch from official to LSIO caused a prompt for initial setup, so I just switched back to official image.

we offer a docker mod for cron, but yes it sounds like the official image is the best for you.