Nextcloud not showing newly added files

I wanted to upload c. 2.5GB of video files (5 files) to my NC setup.

First using the web interface to drag and drop the files was v. slow (speeds of 50-300kbps vs 1mbps+ normally) and it crashed my browser.

Then I used scp to put the files into the my nc data folder. This was faster and completed. I can see the files in the right folder using SSH.

However they won’t show in Nextcloud’s web interface. I have tried restarting nextcloud and mariadb containers. Also tried recreating them (without pulling latest image). Still can’t see the files. Any ideas?

Found the answer myself. You need to run the occ files:scan command.

I was using Docker with Portainer so I could open up a terminal for the container as root.

  1. Navigate to /config/www/nextcloud

  2. type:

occ files:scan --all

Then refreshed my NC browswer window and the files appeared!

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