Nextcloud still won’t update to 23

I run a weekly latest-image-pull on all of my Docker containers, and then specifically go and check Nextcloud’s GUI for any updates. Right now, I am running LSIO Nextcloud 23.0.2-ls172, which should be NC 23.0.2 according to the release notes. However, after recreating the container today, I only got the prompt to update to 22.2.5. After doing that, the container now says that it’s using the latest version.

I know that Nextcloud doesn’t roll out their updates to everyone at the same time, but I’m not sure whether LSIO actually have to play by these rules. Also, 4 months seems like a long time to still be stuck on 22.

Is there a piece of the upgrade process I’m missing?

Right after the bit that tells you how to access the service, it gives a command to update it.