Nextcloud stuck @ version 23.x

Been running nextcloud with the linuxserver/nextcloud:latest image for a while, and I just noticed today that the latest build according to built 25.0.1

This is running on docker-compose, and even re-pulling the image and relaunching the container with docker-compose up brings up the same 23.x version. Does anyone know why?

You need to update it per the instructions here: GitHub - linuxserver/docker-nextcloud

Basically update image then run updater within the container.

Interesting. Managed to get it updated. Thanks!

The updater GUI is now showing me the option to update to 25.0.1, but it says I have some apps that are missing a compatible version. What happens in this scenario? Will the update still succeed and break the listed apps? or will the update just fail? … Also, is there a way to fix this?

It’s down to the developers of those apps to bring them up to the correct version of nextcloud.

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