Nextcloud Turnserver

Hi there,

My setup:

  • Raspi4
  • New install debian buster light + libseccomp2 fix
  • OpenMediaVault + Docker + Portrainer installed
  • Port 443 is open and forwarded to Raspi
  • Port 3478 is (already) open and forwared to Raspi

Thanks to the great tutorial: Let's Encrypt, Nginx & Reverse Proxy Starter Guide - 2019 Edition I have Nextcloud up and running with ssl certificate working. @aptalca I think these credits go to you :slight_smile:

My issue:
I want to bring nextcloud talk to life and activate the turnserver using coturn.
Scanning and googling I found a lot of issues and problems people seem to have.

My goal is to add coturn to my nextcloud, letsencrypt, mariadb stack in portainer. Best solution for me would be to use the letsencrypt certificate for coturn as well.

  1. Is this adviseable/feasible?
  2. Since Iā€™m a real docker beginner, has anyone tried this already and could share a working docker compose?

Thanks a lot if anyone can help!