Nextcloud: Unable to access outside the LAN

OK, I’m not sure where I went wrong, but it may have been when I stayed up way too late working on this.

I have MariaDB running for my NextCloud Container, that is front ended by SWAG (all from Linuxservers .io) which sit behind my USG-PRO. I have swag setup with a bridge and am forwarding out to the world (obviously I’m not using that IP, don’t spaz out.) From there I’m using DNS-o-Matic to update Namecheap with a records for WWW. AWESOMEDOMAIN .NET and NEXTCLOUD. AWESOMEDOMAIN .NET.

Both return a good response when running an internal (my computer) and external (someone’s web page) nslookup.


I’ve attached redacted versions of my nextcloud and swag config files in the link below.

On quick checking, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED generally means the ports on your firewall aren’t open. You can use a tool like this: Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router to test.

You are correct, my UDM-PRO is not port forwarding correctly.

OK, so I run the tool and it says the port is closed. HOWEVER, if I go look at my threat detection logs, I can easily see that people are hitting the port.

Looks like this is a unifi issue with my nice, expensive UDM-PRO. Links below for the next person to have this issue.

Consistent and awesome answer is to do a factory reset and not restore from a backup.

It’s like being a VMWare admin all over again.