Nextcloud: Upgrade to PHP 7.4.29?

Any chance of getting the PHP 7 within the NC container to the latest v7.4.29 (currently it’s 7.4.26)?

It would solve some errors in the log (Bug in DnsPinMiddleware.php, "DNS Query failed" · Issue #28105 · nextcloud/server · GitHub)


We use Alpine’s packagemanager to install PHP. Currently it only has .26. We do have a a php8 tag which uses php8 instead.

@Roxedus I was thinking of using the PHP8 version but am concerned that it’s not stable enough yet?

It is.

ok, I’m gonna switch to that container today, and if anything bayad happens I’m hunting you down and giving you a noogie!! :joy:

@Roxedus Running php8 version now and so far so good, Funny thing though: according to the link in my OP the error in the log is supposedly fixed in php 8.0.14, and the LSIO container’s version is 8.0.13. XD

Same thing that was a problem with the PHP7 version, only a .01 version difference, LOL.

Question: does the LSIO Alpine packagemanager automatically update to the latest php version when it’s built? Or does someone on the LSIO team have to manually do something to get it to update?

We don’t control the packed version at all, that’s all Alpines work, when they have a new version we realistically automatically pick it up within a week.

ok, ty. That’s what I figured, but wanted to ask and confirm. I assumed it was as automated as humanly possible. Any idea on how it works with the folks at Alpine? i.e. how often they update php versions, if it’s also all done automatically vs manually?

Also, just curious, are you seeing the same php errors in your NC log, or is it just me?

appreciate the help :slight_smile: