NextCloud V24 - Unraid

I am currently getting “refused to connect” when i goto the webUI.
I have tried to update per these instructions: Notification: Changes to our Nextcloud image | Info ::

I edited the container within unraid to the correct major tag:
Running updater.phar multiple times

Nextcloud Updater - version: v24.0.0beta3-1-g67bf13b dirty

Current version is 24.0.6.

No update available.

I have moved it to the 24.0.6 version tag, nothing changes.
Ive reread the page multiple times and still cant move forward.

I pulled up the config.php page to confirm that Im on the v24.
I dont recall what sub-version it was, but when I change that, the current version shows what I put in the config.php page.

Maybe I messed something up by changing the config.php file but I cant figure out what my version v24 - dirty is.

I have even tried to update the tag in the edit section for the docker to the v25, and I still get the same error.

Any help would be awesome.