NFS Permissions and Docker Volumes

I was running a few Docker containers on a Raspberry Pi and the memory card died and I lost all of the volume data. Luckily, at the time the data loss wasn’t anything significant. I have recreated my docker containers and mounted NFS shares from an NFS RAID server (Synology NAS) on my network. It seemed like it would be a pretty simple process and I’m not really having any issues with speed. However, as I advance into more complicated containers, such as a NextCloud installation, I am finding that I am completely clueless when it comes to NFS file permissions. Can anyone recommend an article or a synopsis on how to properly accomplish remote NFS volumes for docker containers with full permissions granted to the docker container? Otherwise I’m going to have to bring all the volumes back to the host machine and use something like Syncthing to keep everything backed up, which I guess is an option.