Nginx not proxying the app (Rocket.Chat)

My server is running Unraid for a base OS.

I have been trying to get Rocket.Chat to work with swag all week, currently RC works fine, I can go to it’s port and everything works there.

I can see the SWAG splash page on my domain proper, but for the subdomain ( nothing comes up.

I have everything running on a customer docker net, I can ping SWAG from the RC instance. I have the database connection running on the custome docker net as well.

Nginx has NOTHING in the error logs.

SWAG looks up, I see no errors at all. I can see the swag instance from my public IP as well, so thats resolving too.

I used the SIO video to setup RC, everything worked swell up to the swag point. I checked the RC documentation and the nginx config file hasn’t changed.

I’m more than happy to throw logs up here, let me know what you want to see.