NZBGet doesn't create all folders


I have a brand / fresh install of Unraid 6.9.2. I am trying to setup NZBGet but it doesn’t seem to be creating the folder structure correctly.

To give full details; I have done the following…

  • Created a Share called “Downloads” (cache enabled)
  • Downloaded LinuxServer NZBGet container directly from community applications
  • Kept all the default settings in the docker - except move the “appdata” to an external SSD (outside of the array. an unassigned drive)
  • Setup all the details within NZBGet (i.e. added usenet provider, configured categories etc)

Looking at the folder structure under “Downloads” all I’m able to see is;


each of these folders are empty and have no other content inside of them.

When connecting Radarr to NZBGet client; I get the following message “download client NZBGet places downloads in /Movies but this directory does not appear to exist inside the container. Review your remote path mappings and container volume settings.”.

Both Docker containers are mapped to “Downloads”.

Can anyone help explain what is going on here? I haven’t encountered this before and can’t seem to find a solution in the forums.