NZBGet doesn't include two default scripts in install

As mentioned here:

Email and Logger are included as part of base NZBGet, but they are not included in the latest nzbget Docker image (as of 2019-11-30).

I “docker exec bash-ed” into the filesystem and didn’t see them, nor do they show up in the NZBGet Settings when browsing Extensions within Settings -> Extension Scripts -> Choose.

I have NZBGet installed on a non-Docker Linux system elsewhere and they are included within the installation. They appear within NZBGet’s GitHub as well, when browsing in the source tree.

This Docker install was on a Synology DS1512+, is running several other Docker images from without issues.

The scripts are in the image, but not at the (linuxserver) default script location. Change the script path to /app/nzbget/share/nzbget/scripts and they should appear.

Thanks. I updated the ScriptDir to ${AppDir}/share/nzbget/scripts (from the default ${MainDir}/scripts) and the scripts showed up.

Now if I want to download and install additional scripts, other than the two that are included in the base install, how do I go about adding them to the internal Docker directory instead of the currently mapped and recommended {MainDir}/scripts directory?

Appreciate the help!