[nzbget] unrar extremely slow

Hello everywhere,

I’m using you Docker for NzbGet and found that unrar is extremely slow compared to the native application that I used before: 50+ minutes on Docker vs. 21 seconds on native application.
I’m running the Docker on my Qnap 453A (Intel N3160/8GB Ram/4x10TB IronWolf NAS HDD@raid5).
I backed up the settings from the native NzbGet and restored it on the Docker. Only the “path” tab I left to default. The folders where the files are being downloaded and extracted are basically the same on both versions (one is /downloads and the other one is /downloads/nzbget).
The only difference I could find is that the unrar version that is installed on my Qnap is 5.30 beta 3 whereas on the Docker its 5.80.

I have direct unpack enabled and I tripple checked that its enabled on the Docker and its unpacking while downloading.
Is this performance difference to be expected? I read that the performance difference would be only minimal.

It looks like the docker didn’t do direct unpack. 21 seconds to unpack 100gb on hdd is too little, so I’m assuming the native install did do direct unpack, whereas the other one did not

I made sure that it did. I started the download and inside the destination folder was the unpack folder and the files inside were getting bigger.

And another dismal unrar. Again, I made sure that direct unpack is working. I also made sure to get the latest version of your docker image, which was updated 2 days ago.
I really don’t understand this behaviour.

I investigated a bit further:

When doing a remux onto /downloads I get a dismal 2Mb/s, but when I remux into /downloads/nzbet/completed I get the normal speed above 100mb/s.

I don’t get it at all. Its the same share, just subdirectories. Can anybody make sense of this? I guess that’s the exact same reason why unrar is that slow for the Docker.

Did you ever find out what this was?

I’m using NZBGet container on a Synology DS1019+ and unpacking seems to be considerably slower than it was when I was using a SabNzbd container.

Hoping there’s some weird setting somewhere that I’ve missed!

No, I didnt figure out what the issue is :frowning:
Changed the destination of unrar and made sure that the rights for the docker user are correct. No change at all.

That said, I found that you can add an additional mount point for the tmp unrar folder:

v /path/to/intermedia_unpacking_folder:/intermediate

I didn’t test if this help, yet. Its worth a try.

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Thanks for the reply. mine seems to have sped back up weirdly. So fingers crossed,it stays like it!

Has there been any luck on this? I’m running NZBGet on Unraid and my unpacking is so slow that I can’t get through my backlog. It’s taking about 10 minutes per 1GB…