NZBGet - Update nzbtomedia scripts?


Love the pre-built containers but I have an issue with NZBGet - specifically, how do I update the nzbtomedia / nzbtosickbeard scripts which are ‘part of’ NZBGet?

There is an option to update the nzbtomedia scripts “auto_update = 1” - however, I don’t think this will ever work unless git is installed as part of this container. I always see this message in the logs:

nzbToMedia: [17:19:50] [ERROR]::MAIN: Unable to determine installed version via git, please check your logs!

Looking at the version of these scripts, NZBGet has not updated them in a very long time - and I would of course prefer if the scripts auto-updated.


Had a similar problem. Take a look at for a solution that worked for me.

Perhaps I should have been more specific.

I can update the nzbtomedia scripts manually, but in order for them to update automatically the container needs to have git installed.

I did find another container which has ffmpeg and git installed… Perhaps I’ll just use that, although I would prefer to stick with containers.

It seems to be based on the LinuxServer container, so maybe not a big deal?

you guys are more than welcome to modify our containers however you want. If you want ffmpeg and git, add it in, it is very simple