Offer Emby as docker image?


I noticed there are quite some downloads towards Plex and other Plex-related docker images. Might be interesting to also host an Emby docker image?

I’m trying to figure out what I want to host, with minimal effort. I have done Plex installments in the past and they could potentially be quite troublesome. I’m guessing Emby is something like that as well. I’m still pondering if I should go unraid, but when that hits it would be great to have more choice in the matter then only/just Plex.

Also, I have no idea how Emby performs. From what I read at several websites, it’s kind of the same like Plex. together with some kind of Plex Pass.

Maybe if a docker image can be made ready, the (potential troublesome) installment can be taken care of and it’s just a simple way of setting things up and using it?

Just my 2 cents :wink:

Hi Morthan,

The Emby guys already have their own Docker image, which our input wouldn’t really improve upon. Check out their image over on Docker Hub:



Thanks I’ll give it a go!


linuxserver already have a jellyfin image :

Which is a open-sourced fork of emby.

We already do :wink: