On Synology with Docker, help me understand Docker, Containers and Permission

Hello Guys,

i have a Synology DS218+ and i’m hoping to run containers on it as the way i wish

i set up nzbgetvpn and and created a specific user for docker containers, and created some sharedfolders that new user can access.

I then ssh-ed into the NAS and created the NZBGet docker using the following command

docker run -d \

–cap-add=NET_ADMIN \

–device=/dev/net/tun \

–name=“nzbget-vpn” \

-v /volume1/nzbget/data:/data \

-v /volume1/docker/nzbget:/config \

-e VPN_ENABLED=yes \



-e VPN_PROV=nordvpn \





-e DEBUG=false \

-e UMASK=00 -e PUID=1031 -e PGID=100 -p 6789:6789 jshridha/docker-nzbgetvpn:latest

That appeared to be successful as I can login to the NZBGet instance without any issues, browse the interface, and configure settings but when i categorie on NZBget interface for another sharefolder /volume1/usenet (Specific user has RW acceses) I’m getting the following error in NZBGet

Could not create directory /volume1/usenet/nameofcontent -/_unpack: could not create directory :

I assume i’m having a permissions issue.

have I done something stupid, or missed anything obvious?

that’s not our container. you’ll need to ask jshridha

thats why i wrote the post on General and he doesnt have any idea about synology nas

im just looking for some help, facing hard times here

I’m just not sure how any of us would know how he handles permissions with his container. I feel like I’ve set your expectations sufficiently so, I wish you the best in finding the answer to your query! (our forums aren’t very active, you might want to join our discord and ask in #other-support )

thank you for that. but theres no #other-support on discord

it’s the one with the words “other-support” :stuck_out_tongue:

:grinning: but thats what i see
image host

yes, because you didn’t read yet. go back to discord and read the message you got

sorry but theres no message to me…

bro it’s literally in the #new-members channel you have highlighted, read the most recent message (very bottom) the one to you is the one that says

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