Openvpn-as cannot access network resources

I’ve installed and configured the openvpn-as container, and using the openvpn client I can successfully connect to it.

My problem is that I can’t access any or my network resources after I’ve connected. My guess is that the openvpn-as container is isolated and I need to somehow configure it to access the rest of my network.

Anyone been through this configuration? How can I set up the openvpn-as container to allow the openvpn client to access my network resources?


Basically I can only access all the other containers installed on the same docker server openvpn-as is installed, using their internal IP addresses, eg.

Did you add your lan subnet to the routing section in the gui settings?

Hello, yes I added my lan subnet to the routing section. I can successfully connect, but I still can’t access my network resources.

any suggestions on this?

Have you changed any other settings in OpenVPN-AS when setting it up?

I deleted the admin account, created a new one called administrator, and I also created a user for me to be able to connect. I also changed the “Hostname or IP Address” option under Configuration > Network Settings and set the hostname that the OpenVPN client connect’s to.

Adding the option --net=host resolves the issue. I would prefer having the correct ports open instead of using the host’s network, but now it works.