Openvpn-as On unraid version 6.7

After update to unraid 6.7 openvpn won’t start is services.

Getting this error:

Error: service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set([‘user’]) service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set([‘iptables_openvpn’]) Service deferred error: IPTablesServiceBase: failed to run iptables-restore [status=2]: [‘iptables-restore v1.6.0: Bad IP address “”’, ‘’, ‘Error occurred at line: 146’, “Try `iptables-restore -h’ or ‘iptables-restore --help’ for more information.”]: internet/defer:323,sagent/ipts:122,sagent/ipts:49,util/mycprof:11,<string>:1,sagent/sagent_entry:14,sagent/sagent_entry:11,util/daemon:28,util/daemon:69,application/app:423,scripts/_twistd_unix:202,application/app:445,application/app:348,internet/base:1166,internet/base:1178,internet/epollreactor:194,python/log:85,python/log:70,python/context:59,python/context:37,internet/epollreactor:223,internet/posixbase:191,internet/process:260,internet/process:762,internet/process:775,internet/_baseprocess:60,svc/pp:117,svc/svcnotify:32,internet/defer:238,internet/defer:307,internet/defer:323,sagent/ipts:122,sagent/ipts:49,util/error:61,util/error:44 service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set([‘user’, ‘iptables_live’, ‘iptables_openvpn’]) service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set([‘iptables_live’, ‘iptables_openvpn’])

No one is currently running 6.7rc within the team currently so unable to test.

Have you checked the 6.7 rc1 thread in the bugreport subforum of unraid?
There was multiple people resolving this by changing network mode to bridge (I think it was) and setting the correct interface.

@duddi10 did you ever figure this out? Same issue here.

Any action here? Now that we’re on an official unRaid 6.7.0, I’ve started getting this error also. I’ve nuked and reinstalled several times, can’t get the server to start, although I can get into the admin interface.

There has been plenty of action. It works just fine with bridge networking and the latest unraid template.

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