Openvpn-as unable to login since latest container update

Hi there.

I’ve just updated my running container to today’s release (27/8)

I had a security warning on connecting to the admin url which I thought was strange as its been added to my keychain. I was then unable to login. I get this error:

SESSION ERROR: argument of type ‘NoneType’ is not iterable: flat/twist:24,flat/ten:83,flat/flatstan:103,flat/ten:70,flat/ten:61,flat/flatstan:264,flat/ten:70,flat/ten:61,flat/flatstan:247,flat/flatstan:236,admin/astatus:165,admin/astatus:147 (exceptions.TypeError)

If I put a random password in I am told the password is wrong, so that is working. I can also still connect to the VPN. Weird…

Thanks for all you do!

Known issue with the latest version, no fix yet:

Hi there. An update on this - I blew away my config and started again from scratch. Set everything up as I wanted and then stopped and started the container. I immediately couldn’t log in with the same error so I don’t think the issue is with the 2.75 version.

I then edited as.conf and uncommented the line boot_pam_users.0=admin and restarted the container. I could log back in and all my settings were there. The admin user had been recreated.

Does this help get to the bottom of the problem?

That does help, thanks. I’ll do some further tests and will update here.

Has any progress been made, any logs we can provide that might help?

Looks like it’s an upstream issue, so outside of our control.

Already fixed, readme updated

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The instructions in the updated Readme worked for me:

For those of you who stumble on to this page, the quick fix, as quoted from the Readme is as follows:

Modify the as.conf file under config/etc and replace the line boot_pam_users.0=admin with #boot_pam_users.0=admin boot_pam_users.0=kjhvkhv (this only has to be done once and will survive container recreation)

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Commenting out the first pam user in as.conf creates issues in 2.7.5. To make it work while still blocking pam user access, uncomment that line and change admin to a random nonexistent user as described above.