Organizr losing homepage config on reboot

I have organizr running as a docker image. On reboot it looses its Homepage config so I have to re setup after each reboot. And when I update I loose my icons.

Docker is running on Latest Ubuntu release.

Was deployed as below. Ive removed PGID and PUID, but they are set appropriately for the environment.
docker create --name=organizr --restart=always -v /var/data/organizr:/config -e PGID=XXXX -e PUID=XXXX -p 8899:80\linuxserver/organizr

Hello, a couple things

  1. it’s not helpful for you to remove things that are not your email, personal domain, or ip address. Though in this case, you just wasted your own time, the logs will tell us if PUID/PGID was set properly
  2. we would need to see your FULL docker logs (pastebin or hastebin)

Please also show the ownership of /var/data/organizr

I was able to fix the issue by upgrading to the newest official Organizer Release. You may close the ticket.