PGID and PUID for other containers

Hey all, my first post here. As a happy user for years now (totally love the containers), I have a question. On my home network, I make use of a couple of containers. Most of them are from, which means that I can set PUID and GUID. All the files inside the container are written as the (host) user which runs the container. I totally like this, so no more “root” files.

Now my question: how can I achieve the same on my own personal docker files? Who can point me to the right direction?

Our source is all on github, just look at how we take the envvars and leverage them.

Thanks, I know. But do you guys use some kind-of base image? So basically my question is: what is the most basic docker image where this logic has been applied?

our docker files show what our baseimages are… our baseimages are also hosted on github and open source

Indeed, found it. Thanks!