Php upgrade and missing module

Today I upgraded the letsencrypt container to v1.5.0-ls128 Build-date:- 2020-06-20T11:30:38-04:00

After the upgrade all my wordpress websites are complaining about these 2 things.

Basically php needs to be upgraded, and module imagick is missing.

I’m assuming that at some point the letsencrypt container will be upgraded to use a later version of php, so that would fix the first issue.

The second is, do I want to enable the imagick module? I’m assuming it was disabled for a reason. And if I want to enable it, how do I go about that?


Php is coming from the alpine repo:

Imagick php module was broken, so we removed it:

I’ll create a mod for imagick. Stay tuned

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Try this to install imagemagick:

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