Piwigo Php error Allowed memory size

Hi I am using the Piwigo docker , and thanks fore providing it. I am getting an error like

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in /gallery/admin/site_update.php on line 553

I have many thousands of images, I am guessing it is a result of that but I do not know how to fix this, given also this is docker-compose stuff which I do not have many idea about.

The site works in general, and I get this error when I try to do “quick sync”.


I’ve had same problem and here is the solution:

I’ ve tried it and it worked. You can increment the size if the error still appears

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Thanks, how do I do it with the Docker image?

There is a php ini file under /config/php