Please help with Podman + SWAG


I have set up SWAG with Podman. It works perfect for plex on port 32400 and with the SWAG dashboard, but it doesn’t work with other 443 containers. I tried transmission and heimdall and i get a 502 Bad Gateway error.

I get this error.log:

2022/06/08 13:54:34 [error] 544#544: unexpected A record in DNS response
2022/06/08 13:54:39 [error] 544#544: *1012 heimdall could not be resolved (3: Host not found), client:, 

I know that podman is not officially supported but I think a few people got podman working.

Thanks in advance,

Also, the SWAG homepage works until I switch it to Heimdall. I am using fedora 36. i know the containers, like transmission and heimdall, work properly since i am able to curl the site from inside the container. the issue happens in the proxy it seems, but I cant figure it out. Not sure where to look except for nginx error logs.

Lastly, I do get both green (AVAILABLE and PROXIED) checkboxes in the SWAG dashboard.

I think I found the issue but not sure how to fix it. The client IP in the past for same config was the actual client IP. Now it comes as in the access.log which seems to be an internal IP.

might be related to Client IP on SWAG - #3 by dg102

jsut realized that i cant use rootless containers with swag. too bad - wish it was possible

Actually you can - that’s how I am using SWAG on a Fedora IoT host at a raspberry pi 4.

It forwards to another podman container on the same rpi4 running transmission and on another rpi3 running NextcloudPi.

I am too getting a 502 error by the way but it goes away after restarting the rpi4 where swag is hosted. Restarting the container doesn’t help. I haven’t been able to de-bug it, so I just set up a service to reboot the pi if a dns check from within the container fails (which also happens when I get the 502 error on the NCP address).

To elaborate a little bit on my setup I initially run swag with the following command.

$ podman run -d \
  --name=swag \
  --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \
  -e PUID=1000 \
  -e PGID=1000 \
  -e SUBDOMAINS=nextcloud, \
  -e VALIDATION=http \
  -e EMAIL= $me@$MYDOMAIN \
  -e STAGING=false\
  -p 10443:443 \
  -p 10080:80 \
  -v /var/home/$USER/swag/config:/config:z \
  --rm \

I 've then used podman to create a systemd user unit service (this may no longer be required on later versions) to make the container come up immediately after reboot without any action from me.

And below is the dns check that usually fails when swag gives me 502 errors:

$ podman exec -it swag ping -c 4

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