Plex aarch64 Container

Hey all,

Excuse me if this is the wrong category, I’m a big fan of the containers managed here. I was, however, bummed that a plex container wasn’t present for arm64 builds. I’m aware that plex doesn’t have any binaries for arm64 however multi-arch does work with the armhf build.

I forked the armhf docker container and altered it slightly to include the multi arch setup needed.

You can see the changes made in this commit:

This has been working for me on my server. I figured I’d share because… well… I can’t be the only one who was bummed not to see an out of the box docker image for aarch64 plex.

I don’t know what the policy is for LSIO when it comes to using multi-arch. Plex is obviously one of the most popular containers offered, it’d be nice to have an officially supported container though.

I don’t understand the point. It still runs the armhf package for plex, just on an aarch64 base.

Why not just use the arm docker image on aarch64?

At least when I tried, running the armhf package would not load. Could have been my environment or user error. I was running on and ODROID C2 with OMV 4.x.

Mid post here I retested the armhf container and low and behold it works… Wish I wrote down the error it was hitting. Running the armhf docker would obviously be the preferred route until Plex releases an official aarch64 build.

Thanks for getting me to retry :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it works. Aarch64 docker should be backwards compatible with armhf