Plex "Application" and "Application Support" folders with identical contents in Unraid

I have a linuxserver plex docker container in Unraid which as far as I can tell is working perfectly.
But the other day I noticed something which seems odd - the appdata has both a \plex\Library\Application and a \plex\Library\Application Support folder

The contents of both of these folders is (seemingly at least) identical and it’s even writing identical log files to both locations.

It that “normal” because that seems strange?

If it’s not normal, firstly why might it be doing that? My appdata path is /mnt/user/appdata/plex
Secondly, is there a safe way to get rid of one of the folders? Plex is quite “Disk hungry” so I’d rather not have the whole lot duplicated unnecessarily!

Has anyone else seen this/got any ideas?

That’s likely a bug with the file manager app you’re using. It’s likely not handling that folder name with a space in it properly, so it’s displaying it twice, once as Application and once as Application Support.

Alternatively, you could have a symlink in there.

I doubt those are actually duplicated on your filesystem

You need to check the filesystem directly, preferable via command line

I am very new to Unraid so I may have this wrong…is this what you mean?

I can also see both Application and Application server (both with contents) when browsing the appdata share in the Unraid UI if that means anything

Post the output of
ls -al /mnt/user/appdata/plex/Library


Yeah, it’s just a symlink. There is no actual duplication.

Ok. Thanks.
Sorry if it was a silly question - I didn’t set the server up so am confused by many things!

I guess I need to go find out what a symlink is!

I don’t suppose you have any idea what this particular one might be trying to achieve? :-/