Plex can't seem to transcode EAC3 audio

I’m not sure if this is an LSIO issue or a Plex issue, but figure I’ll start here.
I’m running the latest version of the LSIO Plex docker container on Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS. Everything works fine except for transcoding of certain files. It seems that whenever I, or anyone who has access to my library, try to transcode a video with EAC3 audio, it fails to play. The loading screen goes to 33% and sits there indefinitely. From what I’ve gathered online, this is the point in the loading cycle that Plex begins to transcode, so it seems transcoding is the hang up. This is not an issue with most of my devices because I have them set to direct play. However, on Roku devices specifically, direct play results in an error about being no audio stream and the video is silent, so the only option for the Roku is to transcode. The error logs show the following:

ERROR - [Transcoder] [eac3_eae @ 0x7f8656e5d080] EAE timeout! EAE not running, or wrong folder? Could not read '/tmp/pms-912484ad-1b24-43fb-95a3-540bce90c131/EasyAudioEncoder/Convert to WAV (to 8ch or less)/z8irl2wwz4bdprpqynn8x9t3_665-0-12.wav

I’ve read some solutions online about deleting the codecs folder, mapping the transcode folder to the /tmp directory, and changing permissions without any luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

For what it’s worth, I tried installing Plex standalone (no docker container) and it doesn’t cause this issue.

I would ask Plex what their thoughts are.

@mchampion did you ever get any clarity on this. A couple of friends and myself seem to be having the same issues. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Plex in docker (plexinc/pms-docker:latest). Most end-user devices wanting to play content with EAC3 are met with issues.

I didn’t find any solution, unfortunately, but I found many mentions to similar problems. It seems that the devs are aware of this issue and haven’t gotten around to fixing it (just like many Plex problems). I tried all the suggestions about changing the transcoding directory and permissions, but nothing worked. Ultimately I just installed the non-containerized (bare metal) version of Plex and it works without issues. Will eventually move back to the docker version if the bugs ever get fixed, but this works for now.

That is a shame. :frowning: … unfortunately we cannot do the same. It’s a shared box, which has 5 x plex containers for each of our respective user bases. Looks like I’m familiarising myself with Tdarr and doing a bulk ACC convert for now.

I get exactly the same issue direct play is fine. Soon as it needs to transcode EAC3 it just doesn’t load.
Direct play for me is fine on Roku Express 4K HD. I am using Plex docker in Unraid. I have just started converting file using ffmpeg:-

this just does the audio and doesnt recode the video so is fast.
ffmpeg -i “filename.mkv” -vcodec copy -acodec aac -strict -2 output.mkv

@mchampion Are you running your container on Linux? If so, and please don’t ask me to explain, you may have hit the limit on max user watches, which is preventing the audio decode process. Here is a link on the plex forums discussing the issue:

And here is the link with a fix that I originally followed:

TLDR: Type the following code:

cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches

If this is a low number (in the thousands) or specifically, a number less than the total of your movie and episode collections, you have likely hit your max watch limit. You will also see a bunch of errors in your console after starting the plex server related to watch/inotify as well. You will need to increase this max limit number using the instructions found in either link above.