Plex Container 100% CPU

Hey all, the latest linuxserver/plex for arm64 seems to dominate 100% cpu across all 4cores all the time on my Raspberry Pi, anyone else experiencing the same thing?

is this a new install? if yes, it’s probably running all the initial jobs which will use as much cpu as they can until complete, but the nice is 0 on it, so it’s not a huge deal…

One of my peers, @Roxedus, just informed me that this could be due to an issue with 32bit arm devices

please review and execute the above instructions and see if that resolves your issue.

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I had this issue on a Raspberry Pi 4 running 32-bit Raspbian, which I believe uses the :armhf containers. This resolved my high CPU and inaccessible server issue!

I used the second solution (back port) listed in the FAQ article linked by @driz

I’ve been running it since August, it seems to be since the last update. Quite a few people have apparently experienced the same and Plex have said it must be something specific to the container.

yep, follow the link above that says how to fix it.