Plex container does optimized versions exceedingly slowly

i have a series i have been having trouble with on plex so i decided to try out the option to make optimized versions. now i have tried this with a video that always plays fine and i have the same speed issues so it’s not bad files. it is saying it is going to take over 10 hours per episode. this seems very excessive. is there some reason the container would be so slow? the host machine is running lubuntu 19.10 if that matters

It’s a Plex issue. You should ask on their forum

already typing up a post on there but thought there was a chance it might be peculiar to the plex docker container here

optimized versions are just in-place transcodes/re-encodes of your (most likley already transcoded) videos. This is based on the specs of your system and the type of transcode you are doing. This isn’t related to the container at all. I imagine you are simply maxing out your cpu while doing this. You can verify by using top your other options are to add in a video card that can handle hw transcode for what you are transcoding or beef up your cpu.