Plex docker on raspberry pi 2B with OpenMediaVault - system reboot ends with not running plex

I’m running plex image using docker on a raspberry Pi 2B with OpenMediaVault on Raspbian Buster.
I’m managing the container via docker-compose

version: '3.3'
        container_name: plex
            - 'PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_INFO_DEVICE=Docker Container ('
            - PUID=1000
            - PGID=100
            - VERSION=docker
        network_mode: host
            - '/home/pi/plex_database:/config/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-in Support/Databases:rw'
            - '/home/pi/local_drive/docker_plex/config:/config:rw'
            - '/home/pi/local_drive/Foto_Video/Foto:/data/pictures:rw'
            - '/home/pi/local_drive/Foto_Video/Tmp_foto:/data/pictures_tmp:rw'
            - '/home/pi/local_drive/Serie:/data/tvshows:rw'
            - '/home/pi/plex_transcode:/transcode:rw'
        restart: 'unless-stopped'
        image: ''

I restart the container weekly via

docker stop plex;
docker rm plex;
docker pull; 
docker-compose up -d;
docker image prune -f;

When this script is executed OR I reboot the whole platform Plex container is up (docker container status plex) but I’m not able to access the webgui; accessing I get a javascript string

try { Object.defineProperty(navigator, “globalPrivacyControl”, { value: false, configurable: false, writable: false }); document.currentScript.parentElement.removeChild(document.currentScript); } catch(e) {};
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

and a xml instead of the login page.

If a then restart manually the container OR execute the same script above I end with Plex working fine.
Nothing relevant in Plex logs.

Do you see any issue in my setup?

the gui is

Yes, I know.
But if I access /web in the “broken scenario” I’ll be redirected to site, I login in and I reach the media server home page with the message that there isn’t a media server available.

In the “ok scenario” I can load and I’ll be redirected automatically to the login page, also without web

I’m saying that load /web isn’t solving the issue: looks like PMS container has some issue when not explicitly restart and is docker itself that is restarted.

I have a couple of others container that run without this issue

ok, you hadn’t mentioned /web only that you were accessing the wrong url originally. With that said, it sounds like you need to claim the server, which is why you’re being sent to plex. (since you’re using host mode, this shouldn’t happen IIRC, but i can’t think of why else you would be redirected. ) I do recall someone mentioning the other day that VERSION=docker gave them an issue and VERSION=latest worked, so you can also try that.

note: the claim token expires after 4 minutes, you should login to plex, get the claim token, and then put it into your compose.

It may be best to come visit us on discord for live support.

Just for information: the issue is related to the fact that containers volumes are mounted on folder stored on USB hdd so I had to set a “wait for filesystem mount” at raspberry OMV startup

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