Plex Docker on Raspberry Pi


I would like to use Plex Docker container in a Raspberry Pi 4.
After I start it with the following arguments, the container starts but in the WebGUI I can’t see the Plex server.
In the PMS-docker container I should add the PLEX_CLAIM variable that is needed for the first time. The plex server inside the docker won’t be able to claim the token by itself. But in the Linuxserver container there isn’t any option to use this option.
What did I miss?

docker create \
--name=plex \
-p 32469:32469 \
-p 32469:32469/udp \
-p 32400:32400 \
-p 32400:32400/udp \
-p 5353:5353/udp \
-p 1900:1900/udp \
-e PUID=1005 \
-e PGID=1007 \
-e VERSION=docker \
-v /dckr/plex:/config \
-v /strg/ser:/tv \
-v /strg/mov:/movies \
-v /strg/tmp:/transcode \

Our image doesn’t support Plex claim variable.

For first time, set it up with host networking, claim the server in the gui, then you can switch to bridge networking

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It worked! Thank you so much!
Is it possible to add this information to the docker hub description?

I thought it was (at least at some point) but I’ll look into it

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