Plex docker won't start


My setup:
I have set-up the following Linux containers: linuxserver/plex and linuxserver/letsencrypt so that my Plex server is remotely accessible only via Https. I have also deployed oznu/cloudflare-ddns. The Plex, letsencrypt and cloudflarw-ddns containers are all in the same user created bridge network.

I publish the required ports as per the relevant documentation for each container.

My problem:
When I try to deploy my Plex server container it fails claiming that is already in use.
I have not published this port mapping on any of the above containers.

Currently I can get the Plex server running using the port mappings detailed in the documentation for the docker image maintained by Plex,

My questions are:

  1. Has anyone tried deploying the above arrangement and got it working?
  2. Anyone know what might be using port 5353?
  3. Do I need to use port 5353 for the Linux server Plex image to work correctly?
  4. Is it okay to use the ports from the pms-docker image instead?

Thanks in advance.

it’s probably the avahi daemon on your host. netstat -tupln | grep 5353
it’s for older bounjour devices or avahi network discovery, you eliminate it from your plex compose if you don’t need it.